Lone Star Table Tennis Training

                           Table Tennis Expert, Coach, Club Umpire and Table Tennis Champion

 "Lessons Only Experience Can Teach".  "We are not big, but we are definitely good"

 "I'm passionate about a sport that is not yet recognized by many mainstream groups.  My goal is to:

- Promote the Olympic sport, Table Tennis at every opportunity and invitation 

- Showcase table tennis skills

- Train to competitive levels

- Advertise for sponsorship

I- Introduce local International, World Games, National/state and local champions to the community 

- Attract neighborhood and local members.

- Raise funds for tournaments, training, and sports training scholarships.

- Long-term survival of this "awesome" sport.

- Enhance health, physical fitness, and well-being of our community.

- Integrate Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, churches, private schools, home-schoolers and other organizations into a training program that allows award of credentials based on their association rules.

The mission of Coach Lloyd and Lone Star Table Tennis (LSTT) is to eventually provide Summer Camps, demonstrations, exhibitions/clinics, after school, daytime adult, and summer organizational certifications for boys and girls in North Dallas.  I have recently completed a 3-month program in the city of Richardson teaching the international and Olympic sport of table tennis.  LSTT is an organization, which devotes its efforts to promoting youth and adult table tennis activities.   Emphasis is to create and sustain gender unbiased (girls and boys) table tennis programs in North Dallas.

“A Sport for All Seasons.”  Table tennis claims to be the world’s fastest racket sport and is the second most played sport only to soccer.  The benefit of this sport unfortunately, escapes most non-serious and many serious players.  It is said to take a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.  I can testify to this.  After over 35 years of studying and playing this sport, I have specific strategies, techniques, and mental tactics to develop serious minded players.

All schools have students that excel in some extracurricular activity, why not table tennis?  Table tennis demands your whole body participates, pays attention, and responds to being challenged.  We will train you to use your "whole body", mind, and spirit in a positive, healthy manner, pleasing to spiritual growth. We want corporate, small business, communities, the education community, and especially, girls and boys to take advantage of the talent in the North Dallas area.  We plan to adopt a school or community group in the community area and focus on our training on the diversity in cultures.  Our knowledge base site is  United States Association Table Tennis.  Please contact us for more information. 

 Community Impact

My recent trips to the 2015, 2014, 2012 and 2011 Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah and Texas State Senior Games in San Antonio were rewarding.  My total 5 Golds, 5 Silvers and 2 Bronze in Men's Doubles Mixed Doubles and Men's Singles.  I also qualified for Minneapolis, MN, July 2015 for the National Senior Olympics.  A program such as LSTT will be helping youth gain confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility through competitive play, independence, stamina, coordination, focus, and problem-solving.  This Olympic sport  demands practice, concentration, dedication, and awareness.  I can't think of another sport (except school) that requires the extent of quick thinking, accurate perception, and corrective action as table tennis.  This is due, I think, in part to the area of place, the speed of play, the mental requirements, and the fore and after thought requirements.  If I seem a little egotistical about this sport, deservedly so, I have spent over 35 years studying the mechanics and academics of table tennis and I believe it to be the ultimate secret weapon for good fitness, health, and age deterrent.  We encourage and invite girls, boys, teens, adults, organizations, and corporate entities for sessions with our machines.  I challenge you to watch this awesome sport in action.  I am currently coordinating with Allen Recreation Center for future training.

 Please visit my Germany Tischtennis Team website.  I have known some of the members for over twenty-six years and appreciate their support of my site and endeavors.  Special thanks to Karlheinz Backes, Peter Friedl, Burkhard Revermann, Sven Tetzner at http://www.48ers.de/partner.html. Congratulations to my German table tennis team, the Babenhausen 48ers for winning the German Federation and 5th Place at the German Cup Championship in Lower Saxony Dinklage,  

 Email: lonestartabletennis@yahoo.com.